Joomla 3.0.3 có gì mới?


Phiên bản Joomla 3.0.3 phát hành được bổ sung thêm 2 tính năng mới về ngôn ngữ, 3 lỗi bảo mật được fixed.

Joomla 3.0.3 có gì mới?

Joomla 3.0.3 có gì mới?

Download joomla 3.0.3

Cài đặt mới : click tải bản đầy đủ joomla 3.0.3

Cập nhật : phiên bản 3.0.2 lên 3.0.3

Cập nhật : phiên bản 2.5 lên joomla 3.0.3

Joomla 3.0.3 bao gồm:

– 2 tính năng mới đã được thêm

– 3 vấn đề bảo mật được khắc phục

– 136 tracker đã được fixed

Vấn đề bảo mật được khắc phục :

Low priority – core – information Disclosure : Thông tin chi tiết về lỗi , bạn click vào link này !

Low priority – core – information Disclosure : Thông tin chi tiết về lỗi , bạn click vào link này !

Low priority – core – information Disclosure : Thông tin chi tiết về lỗi , bạn click vào link này !

Các tính năng mới:

29897 Multilanguage : thêm các mục trong core của thành phần ( click xem chi tiết)

29496 Cài đặt gói ngôn ngữ khi cài đặt CMS joomla (click xem chi tiết)

136 tracker đã được fixed

ID Summari/link
29763 Category list state change bug
29635 * No message notification when new article is created
29473 Fixed issue with hits_class not being defined when hits is 24
29921 *Com_content category list filter field wrong Options
29676 *formatting at the PM System are lost
29768 Internet Explorer -> Menu Item Select -> Popup unreadable
29620 *Creating new position when editing module broken in master?
29289 *No admin private message when an author submit a new content in frontend
29762 *cpanel layout in backend messed up after adding feed to cpanel
29764 Missing icon-pending in back-end
29626 Commit for 29519 Breaks Wrapper Menu Item Type
29679 *Passwords fields not required when creating a new user in back-end
29619 In the current version 3.0.2 (master branch, 03. Nov. 2012) some settings aren’t working.
29660 Error 500 due to “missing alias column in assets table”
28714 Authentication – Gmail: Apply Username suffix does not allow user to login with suffix already applied
29995 No language tooltip at the Joomla Login
29669 Consistent form validation notifications
29700 Component installer and menus may return invisible bug
28895 Missing closing
29714 Code style fixes based on Jenkins, replace uses of JRequest
29979 Codestyle pass 1
30035 code for page break plugin
29903 Fix a reference in jDatabaseDriver
29987 Code Style Part 2
29960 Correct language specification in components’ XML files
29651 Removing try/catch clauses in ‘dispatch’ methods
29895 Strict errors in categories models
28087 PHP errors when all modules are removed
29836 *Weblinks, Newsfeeds, Contacts Search Filter (frontend)
30021 *Wrong parameters for Articles Category List layout
28693 *Position of Article Info. Setting Use Global not saved. Menu Manager: Edit Menu Item and Article Manager: Edit Article
29824 Smart search saves * in language field
29682 Adding an icon to the “reply” button in com_messages
28577 User Notes Search not working
29738 Weblinks Hits Display when set to hide
29952 template manager pagination broken
29913 *Com_content feed read more links broken
29989 *Media manager can’t upload is memory_limit is set to -1
27903 invalid call to parent::getStoreId in getStoreId of NewsfeedsModelCategories (unused)
29905 Issue 29895 broke weblinks categories.
30007 Fix broken module installation in Postgresql because of NULL constraint
28533 Sqlsrv MSSQL Azure joomla.sql default constraints should all have defined names
27709 Saving in backend very slow when many user groups
29845 Joomla 3.0.2 Back-end Performance Issue with Item Associations (large #__associations table)
28345 MySQLi does not display SQL errors messages anymore.
29997 Email validation fails with longer top level domains
20173 [PATCH] selective usage of editor’s buttons does not working
29933 *’Article’ string above the TOS article and print icon not working with Protostar
29827 Sematic & Accessibility fixes frontend
29887 *Disable System redirect breaks 404
29838 the registration-mail does not contain username and password if activation is set to “none”. Even if “send password” is set to yes.
28841 Username modification in frontend (Profile Edit) is not saved
29904 *With plugin Language Filter enabled, user articles parameter in frontend shows all articles
29862 *Filter_field Option missing in category list layout for Contact, Newsfeeds, Weblinks
29715 *Submit an Article doesn’t work
29941 *User Profile frontend tooltips same as backend ones
29860 *Wrong display of Search and Clear buttons in Insert Article modal + RTL
29927 *User Profile Plugin – Required TOS field not enforced
29999 Fix fatal error in JInstallerFile::uninstall()
29646 Some errors on Updater
29712 Alternate fix for 29646 update changes
29573 Remove unnecessary JS snippet from rules field
29705 blank login page J3.x beez3
29691 Smart Search autocomplete.js issue
29998 Problem with grid sort
29668 language installer coordinator team URL must changed j3 TT
29962 *303 when not using URL Language code in multilanguage-again
29616 Missing JGLOBAL_CENTER in frontend language file
29434 J3.0 Stable – Missing language value JLIB_INSTALLER_ABORT_PACKAGE_INSTALL_MANIFEST
29852 Drop down chzn missing from end translation
28616 Add French language stemmer to Smart Search
29684 Wrong HTML markup on category edit
29217 *Status column missing in weblinks mobile view
29908 Allow use of text instead of icons in the login module
29865 JLayoutFile keeps rendering same layout
29776 com_media/plugin interaction
29743 heading menu type renders bad html code
29744 Submenu module missing closing A tag
29710 mod_breadcrumbs: Custom separator is not applied
29929 mod_custom with wrong client attribute
28778 Incorrect Rendering of Breadcrumb Trail for Home Page Sub-Items
29771 Inconsistent usage of module suffix at mod_menu and mod_breadcrumbs
29558 Incorrect current menu item highlighting in mod_menu if ‘Base Item’ is not current.
30000 Division by 0 problem in JCrypt
29731 RSS feed gets corrupted when ampersand (&) or other escapable characters exist in Site Meta Description
29417 sendMail automatically adds sender as replyTo
25337 site on unc path, path.php removes \\ for 2.5 only
29197 Potential loop in JPagination
29809 Callback logger wrongly named
29694 Fix broken extension update
30023 Faster sorting for languages
30006 Add totally new classes and methods from the platform
27699 Only text gets passed to content events in blog view
29871 email cloaking stripping class attribute
29469 CodeMirror looks a little bad
29665 *Cache plugin is not differentiating between Menu-Items
30031 *Notice: Undefined index: title in /plugins/content/pagebreak/pagebreak.php on line 197
29727 Pagebreak plugin generates same ID for tabs and slides
29638 *admin dashboard statics not fully RTL
29849 *RTL: Wrong display of Subcategories titles in Content Category List menu item
29698 *Adding bootsrtap-rtl to compiler, correcting some rtl classes
29914 *Login module wrong display in beez3 RTL
29740 *HTML direction tag for Back-end login missed
29954 *RTL: Wrong display of Subcategories titles in Content Category Blog and Categories menu items
29621 The root asset has the wrong lft value in 3 files
30026 *Reverting parts of tracker #29875 which breaks container-fluid class in Protostar- regression
29906 *Viewing Access Levels order numbering is not shown
29707 protostar pagination: active items li not closed
29819 *Correcting Hathor admin login
29917 *Beez3 RTL wrong display of items in category list
29675 *Protostar error page tries to load search module even when module is not published
30028 Ordering is not working in Beez3 article Category List
29834 *Beez3 edit article wrong display
29706 icon display in protostar pagination on active items
29833 *Beez3 does not display Print, Mail, Edit, New icons
29687 *Adapting hathor to new message using editor
29907 *Protostar template does not display page break tab feature in a page.
30043 *Correcting a few Hathor css issues
29870 *Beez3 wrong messages display
29959 *Show Create Date global article option does not work when it is the only option selected
29749 *Correcting Hathor CPanel display
29875 [Github #625] Protostar invalid class names for itemid, layout and task
29994 Clear tooltips at template hathor
29842 Display error by the contactform with IE 8 and 9
29439 Bootstrap clearfix improperly used.
30015 *Isis tooltip text is always centered
29923 *Ordering in Featured Articles doesn’t work with isis administrator template
29653 *Correcting Isis media modal display
30018 *Isis calendar display issue
29363 Responsive layout during installation breaks
29654 *User Basic settings do not display when debug language on
29569 *Implementing accordeons for Modules Options
29528 Incorrect arrows in table heading.
22198 Weblinks module follow/no follow description
29210 Help page restricted to small window at top of screen
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